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Our Responsibility

About our Commitment to the Community

Since the inception of Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd in 1968, we believe in championing the communities where we serve and the empowerment of our people are the heart of the company. Through the various sustainable and charitable programmes that are under the umbrella of MagnumCares as well as engaging employee involvement programmes under MyMagnum, it is our aspiration to inspire more hope in all of us.

Our Approach

Sustainability Programmes

Championing communities through long-term value creation initiatives that are impactful and sustainable.

Charitable Programmes

Championing the underserved communities through consistent outreach and speedy action in bringing care and comfort to those in need.


MyMagnum is an Employee Volunteer Programme to empower our people in realizing their potential at the workplace as well as become valuable members of the society.

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